The leech must be kept on the treatment area for about 45 minutes after it holds onto the skin. The Leech must not be forced away, if it had not fallen off by itself. You can make it smell some alcohol or eau de cologne on a cotton wool by putting it beside the leech. The subsequent bleeding should be done for a few minutes without tampon. Thereafter, a dressing with a tampon application is firmly applied. Compressive dressing must be left in place for 8 hours and can be removed after 8 hours. Before opening after these 8 hours, it is appropriate to apply ice 5-10 minutes before opening the tampon. If a treatment region is concerned, in which the bleeding is continued after opening the tampon, a dressing / tampon should be used.

The leech used must be destroyed within alcohol within a separate bottle or jar (Each leech should only be used once).

There may be an itching in the areas where the leech has been applied. However, since itching with hand can lead to infection, it is most natural method to apply lemon and wait until the itching has evaporated. You can apply lemon every time when the area itches. Antihistaminic pomades (Like Stilex, Avil,etc) can be applied in case if the lemon has no effect at all.