You can keep the leeches in a glass bottle by adding 75% chlorine-free water (distilled water or natural spring water) to a 1 liter glass bottle and storing a maximum of 20 to 30 leeches.

Leeches can pass through very small holes as they are invertebrates. Therefore, cover the opening of the bottle with gauze (hosiery will also do) with no holes and firmly fix it using a rubber strip. Do not use caps to cover the jar in order not to suffocate the leeches.

Change water every day. You can leave the leeches in the tulle while you change the water.

Do not expose leeches to sunlight. They can remain in room temperature. Temperature of water must be between 10 to 22 degrees preferably. Keep them at a height outside the reach of children.

Never place the used leech beside other leeches. Destroy the used leech in a separate jar containing alcohol and do not use it again.