About Us


We are intensely implementing the medical leech therapy, which is one of the traditional and complementary treatment methods, in our treatment center “Dogal Hayat Healthcare Clinic “, conducted in 2005 under the leadership of Dr. Suat Arusan.

In addition to the leech therapy, we also practice treatment methods such as Ozone therapy, Wet Cupping/Hijama, Acupuncture, PRP, Mesotherapy, Phytotherapy, Prolotherapy and Osteopathy for the treatment of chronic disease under the leadership of expert doctors and healthcare personnel. Our treatment center, which was initially established in Manisa, is now also active in Ankara and Istanbul. ( www.dogalhayat.com.tr )

In therapeutical applications, we consume approximately 150 kg of leeches per year. The medical leeches used in treatments are disposable and the used leeches are to be disposed in our medical waste unit.

Our primary goal at our leech production facility is to ensure that the source of the leeches we use in our treatment is reliable. It has also been stipulated in the regulation on Traditional and complementary treatments, which was published in 2014 that the purchasing of leeches to be used in medical leech therapy has to be purchased from licensed leech farms.

The capacity of our medical leeches production is approximately 1 ton (one thousand kg) per year, so we sell medical leeches that exceeds our clinical needs.