Dr. Suat Arusan

He was born in 1952 in Manisa.

Completed his secondary education in İzmir Özel Türk Koleji (Izmir Private Turkish College) in 1974, he graduated from Ege University Medical Faculty.

Following his residency in Pediatrics Department of Ege University Medical Faculty between 1974 and 1978, he served as a pediatrist in his private clinic in Manisa for 30 years.

He founded the Dogal Hayat Healthcare Clinic in Manisa in 2006, serving in the field of natural therapies (Medical leech therapy/Hirudotherapy, wet cupping/Hijama, medical ozone therapy, acupuncture,o steopathy, prolotherapy,phytotherapy, etc.) that he has been working for many years. Since 2010, he has been practicing the natural treatment methods at Ankara and Istanbul Dogal Hayat Healthcare Clinics. www.dogalhayat.com.tr

Suat Arusan is also the founder of the  Arusanfarma; the firm that works on the production of the reliable phytotherapy products used for the treatment of chronic diseases. In addition, Arusanfarma also produces medicinal leeches for the reliance of leeches used in medical leech therapy. www.arusanfarma.com.tr   / www.dogaltibbisuluk.com

Dr. Suat Arusan made a TV program named “Evrensel Diyalektik (Universal Dialectic)” on intellectual, social issues as well as health-related topics in a three-hour live broadcast stream on Friday evenings in Manisa ETV television channel for 8 years.

Some of the health programs still featured on various national channels (TRT, Ülke TV, ATV, Dost TV, TV 8, Kanal Türk) are available on our website.

He has made many health programs on various national channels ( TRT – ÜLKE TV – HABER TÜRK – ATV – CINE 5,e tc.). His program named‘’ Bilgiden Bilince ‘’  broadcast on TRT News channel from 2014 to 2017 on every month and implemented as 78 programs.

In 2009, Dr. Suat Arusan established  the Natural Medicine, Hirudology and Hirudotheraphy Medical Association (Doğal Tıp, Hirudoloji ve Hirudoterapi Tıp Derneği) in order to disseminate the use of hirudotheraphy and other complementary treatment methods as well as modern treatment techniques, teach the mode of their administration, conducting scientific researches on this topic and ensuring implementation of the western norms of this type of treatment in our country.

He has authored many scientific publications especially on medical leech therapy, as well as a book on pediatrics and he is one of the most important authors on medical leech therapy in Turkey.


Dr. Suat ARUSAN Articles:

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